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Huobi Global Referral Invitation Code and Link to get Welcome Bonus $170 reward

Huobi Global’s new users can get up to $170 as a welcome bonus after completing certain tasks. Use an invitation code bq2z5 at the time of registration and avail of 10% additional trading fee rebates. You can also use this link to register to get a welcome bonus of $170 as well as a 10% trading fee rebates.

How to get Huobi Global Welcome Bonus $170 step by step guide

Huobi Global provides every new user an opportunity to get $170 in point cards, which later they can use to pay their trading fees. The official detailed page for the same can be found on

The award is distributed after you have completed the 5 tasks. These tasks are very simple including completing KYC, a successful Deposit, a successful Crypto-to-Crypto trade, and completing a successful flexible saving with USDT. The award will be deposited in the form of a point card which you later can use to spend on trading fees.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get a $170 Welcome bonus with Huobi Global

Step 1: Register with Huobi Global, you can register with our invitation code bq2z5 to get additional 10% trading fee rebates for the first 3 months.

Step 2: Once the registration is complete now complete ID verification to get a 10 USDT point card.

Step 3: Deposit any token worth 100 USDT to Huobi wallet to get another 50 USDT point card.

Step 4: To get another 60 USDT point card you have to do a minimum of 100 USDT of crypto-to-crypto trading. This will be credited as airdrops after doing successful trades everytime.

Step 5: Now, to get it to $170 you have to complete a flexible saving which is generally holding a stable coin for some days to get returns. This is worth 50 USDT again in the form of a point card.

So, with the above steps, you can earn or get a $170 Welcome bonus from Huobi Global.

Using someone’s invitation code is also recommended as it will save tonnes of your money that you are going to spend on trading fees. Here is how much everyone saves by using someone’s referral code.


Huobi Global is providing a great promotional offer and opportunity to get more exposures and attract other crypto investors. The promotional offer is as lucrative as Binance 10% trading fee rebates forever and Kucoin’s 10% trading fee rebate program. Getting the Welcome Bonus of $170 is quite easy and thus you can use the platform about free for atleast a month.

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